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What Is a Water Softener?

You have likely heard the term hard water, which contains higher-than-normal levels of calcium and magnesium. To balance out the mineral levels and leave your home with soft water, our team of technicians can install a water softener. 

This water filtration technology eliminates traces of excess minerals which can have a harmful effect on your health and household. It cleans your entire water supply once a plumber installs a brine tank in your home. This component features a salt solution that alters the calcium and magnesium ions in your water. 

Signs Your Home Has Hard Water

Determining your water hardness level is simple. These are a few tell-tale signs that your water supply is hard with mineral build-up: 

  • You notice a white film around drinking glasses or shower doors
  • Soap doesn’t lather well 
  • Water has a salty taste
  • Your skin and hair become dry or flaky
  • Clothes feel stiff after washing

Give our friendly staff a call if you experience any of these issues in your home. We can install a water softener so you can quickly enjoy cleaner, safer water.

Benefits of Water Softener Installation

Installing a water softener can erase all the disadvantages that hard water brings to your home.

You’ll experience better-tasting water that won’t leave any residue on surfaces. Plus, your skin and hair will be smoother, healthier, and retain more moisture. 

You will likely need to use less soap when bathing or washing your dishes, too. The dissolved minerals in hard water prevent suds from forming and make it difficult to lather items. 

Washing your clothes with soft water will bring life back into your wardrobe and help fabric not feel rigid. In addition, your home’s plumbing will be in better shape. Hard water can rust and destroy pipes over time and require costly repairs. 

Protect Your Water Heater With a Water Softener

Hard water can be especially destructive to water heaters. Calcium that insulates the heating coil can build pressure within the tank. Without flushing the sediment out, the tank can explode from excess pressure. 

An explosion is a rare possibility, but living in an area with dangerous levels of hard water puts you at risk. Installing a water softener in your home will protect yourself and your plumbing fixtures in the long run. Turn to DH Plumbing to rule out water heater damage from hard water.


Is Water Softener Installation a DIY Job?

Always hire a professional plumber to install a water softener. An expert can avoid costly mistakes that amateur installers may not be aware of until it’s too late. 

Let DH Plumbing take care of the installation for you. We will place both the brine tank and mineral tank in the right position and run tests to make sure the solution works. We won’t leave a job until we ensure the water softener removes excess mineral properties correctly. 

Many homeowners who install their own water softeners end up with water in their brine tanks. This should never occur and can create further damage. Let our experienced team handle the installation seamlessly.

How Much Does Water Softener Installation Cost?

The cost of installing a water softener can vary based on the following factors:

  • Total water consumption
  • House size
  • Installation of a main water inlet

Because each home is different, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for water softeners. However, our technicians promise to work with you to get the best rate in the area. We will inspect your home and determine your water usage to find the right size brine tank to alter the water. 

Water Softener Installers Near Me

Don’t let your body, utensils, and plumbing fixtures suffer from harmful hard water. DH Plumbing can easily provide your home with a water softener to improve the taste and function of your water supply. Look no further if you are searching for a reliable plumbing company to install a water softener. 

Learn More About Water Softener Installation in San Antonio, TX

To improve the water supply in your home, contact DH Plumbing to learn more about water softener installation. Call (830) 246-2101 to schedule a service consultation. 

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